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So I said new stuff is coming and it's started.
I made a new layout deal, I just need to find a new colour scheme and maybe find a better picture and actually make a nifty background.
I also added four basic rules to the info page. Check out what exactly it says kids.

This the first community made for fans of this little band from Hollywood, Florida that the cool kids like to call All Thats Left. Come and talk about the band, tell us your show stories, or just go on about how Joey should go to the OutBack you work at in nothing but his boxers.

Four Simple Rules
x. Keep it band related
x. Large posts or multiple or large picture / graphics must go under a lj-cut. Don't know what that is, here's the code <*lj-cut text="text here"*> the entry all under here <*/lj-cut*>. Of course rid yourself of the stars.
x. If it's not related to the band or music related don't promote it. If it's something you'll think ATL fans will like post it. But seriously I will pull out the stops and start reviewing all posts if these promos for rating communities come up, and believe me that will suck a lot for all parties involved.
x. I love lj drama as much as the next kid but keep it out of here. </small>

Any ideas? Comments? Please feel free to share. I want to open the lines of communications with everyone here and get this place alive and kicking with actual posts and discussions.

cross x's over my eyes,
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