Miss Chanandler Bong (xforgetmenotsx) wrote in allthatsleft,
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So I finally got a computer and will be working on a new layout for this place(it's well over due) and kids we will be having some rules. It's going to be simple lj-cuts and promoting in this journal. I want to thank Nessa for taking over the place in the co-mod position. She's going to stay on the job since well, I said so.
Wow that was slighty bitchy.
Anyway, if any of you kids have any ideas on promoting the community / band share it with us. I'd love it if someone made a banner and / or icon for the journal since my PSP8 skills are shot.

So yeah look out I think some good stuff is on the way.

cross x's over my eyes,
Your loving mod Amber
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Welcome back <3